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Bank Natural

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Crediting of Legal Entities:

The Bank provides credits and guarantees in rubles and foreign currency to enterprises and organizations of all forms of ownership, as well as to residents and non-residents. Special attention is given to credit security and target use of credit resources, as well as to presence of complex liaison of the Bank with the Client (payment and cash services, currency transactions, etc.).

On considering credit requests the Bank carries out comprehensive analysis of enterprise / organization credit status, estimates its financial standing with a view of defining the degree of risk and sources for return of advanced credit.

The size of payment for use of credit and Bank guarantees is determined individually on each Borrower / Principal pending on the type of offered security and financial status of the Borrower / Principal.

Should you be interested in getting credits, please contact the Bank Credit Department by phones: +7 (495) 959-17-92 ; 959-17-90; 739-55-88 or visit the Bank to discuss opportunities and conditions of credits.

In case of reaching preliminary agreement between the parties, it is necessary to submit to the Bank the documents required for making a credit decision (granting of security).

Credit products offered by Narodniy Credit Bank LLC:

  • Credit;
  • Line of credit under the limit of debts (renewable);
  • Line of credit under the limit of disbursement (not renewable);
  • Overdraft credit;
  • Bank Guarantee

Types of Security:

Basic one:

  • Pledge of circulated goods (raw stock, materials, finished goods);
  • Pledge of rights to claim;
  • Pledge of process equipment;
  • Pledge of motor vehicles;
  • Pledge of real estate objects (mortgage);
  • Pledging of securities;
  • Pledge of company property complexes (objects of real estate, equipment, actions / shares).

Additional one:

  • Guarantee of a Legal Entity;
  • Guarantee of a Natural Person (Founder).

Periods of crediting:

  • Till 6 months: overdraft credit, procedure of determining the overdraft credit limit, in rubles: The overdraft credit limit is re-calculated one time per month pending on the credit turnovers (without considering other obligations to the Bank) under the payment account of enterprise / organization for the previous month no later than on the 1st working day of the month. Establishment of the new overdraft limit is executed by signing additional agreement to the main contract;
  • Till 1 year: without security (sufficient credit turnovers under the Client’s payment accounts in the Bank), a pledge of circulated goods, a pledge of rights to claim, a pledge of process equipment and motor vehicles;
  • Till 2 years: pledge of real estate (mortgage), pledging of securities, pledging of company property complexes.